"I have found that all ugly things are made by those who strive to make something beautiful, and that all beautiful things are made by those who strive to make something useful." Oscar Wilde

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Those Who Can Teach

Yes I'm a teacher! I have been teaching for almost 25 years. My parents were teachers. Many of my brothers and sisters are or have been teachers. My great grandmother’s brother's name is on the education building and the U of U. Teaching has been in my family's blood since my Welsh great great grandfather named one of his sons Milton, after the British poet, because he wanted an educated person in the family.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Somebody Deserted Her Baby

Sunday somebody came to my house for dinner and deserted her baby. Grapaw found the abandoned baby hiding in the basement. So far somebody has not claimed her baby. Grapaw is holding the said baby hostage. I think he wants hugs and kisses for the baby monkey.

Kamora is the somebody to abandoned her baby monkey. She was so happy to find him.

She like to play Peek a Boo with her baby.

She likes to read books to her baby monkey.