"I have found that all ugly things are made by those who strive to make something beautiful, and that all beautiful things are made by those who strive to make something useful." Oscar Wilde

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth!

This weekend I went to my grandmother's family cabin. It has been a very wet spring and summer. The flowers were spectacular! I found all kinds of little treasures. There are times I find things in nature that just hurt to look at. Taking pictures of them is the closest I can come to recreating them. My great grandfather once said this was the most beautiful place on earth and we need to always take care of it. I think he was right.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


About a year ago while I was wandering a fabric store I found this hideous green olive and cabbage fabric. I just had to buy it. I couldn't imagine what I could make with it until one of my sisters had an apron swap. I was going to make an apron for the swap but had to pull out because of a wedding. I just didn’t have enough time to make a quilt, finish the school year and make an apron. Something had to give. I have now survived the school year, finished two quilts, and finally found the time to finish the aprons. I had enough of the green olive and cabbage fabric to make two aprons. Each apron has a different fabric on the reverse side. I think the green olive and cabbage fabric was perfect for aprons. Now what shall I do with them? I’m sure somebody with come up with an idea after they see them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yup We're Lost!

Have you ever started out on a perfectly normal road trip and before long you find that you are on an adventure? OK you are lost. I mean really lost. That’s what happened last week. We started out driving to South Dakota to see our youngest daughter and her husband. We hand our Garmin set. We had our Map Quest instructions. And we had our road map. Well we got to Rawlins, Wyoming and while following directions carefully we got off on the wrong exit. We found ourselves on a dirt road in a dumping rain. We were headed over the mountain. There were drop offs and slippery roads. An hour or two later we past a guy on an ATV parked by the side of the road. He informed us that we were about halfway to the regular highway. Sure the views were spectacular but I would rather have gone on a paved road.

This is Sarah's house and despite our best efforts to get lost we got there about an hour earlier that we planned.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mississippi River

Traveling north on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River we stopped so I could take some pictures of the water lilies.

I noticed some wild geese swimming the marshy area next to the river. While I was taking pictures of them a hereon flew away. As he was taking off I was able to snap a picture.