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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Math Centers

As I get centers out for the children to "work" on I want to make a photo record of what I have and how the children are doing.

I love this number writing center. The only problem I have with it getting the children to take their papers home at the end of the day.

A couple of weeks ago I read "The Hungry Monsters" to my class. First time I read the poem to the class we just enjoyed the poem. Then I went back with the children and we made a growing pattern using unifix cubes.

I love these pattern books. The children are able to see how the pattern is supposed to look. The only problem is that some of the children like to make guns and knives with the snap cubes. I've had to have the children who forget how to work on this pattern come and sit by me and think about how the center is supposed to be used.

These are farm beads I purchased several years ago. I have the children make patterns with them or I have them sort the beads by color or shape.

These pom poms are fun. I have the children sort them by color or as in the case I have them make patterns with them. Some become rather possessive and children like to pile them up. After spend time sitting next to me while I am working with a small group most get the message that they need to "work" on a center and not play with the center materials.

These sea monsters were left in my room. I have demonstrated how to sort the animals but this year the children have been making huge patterns. I love it!

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