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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cupcakes & Cherries & M.E. --OH MY!!!

I'm not very good yet at this picture posting thing yet. And I may be doing this all wrong. But here goes. This is the fabric I've chosen for my M.E. apron swap. Isn’t it just wild? Well maybe not for some.

This is the pattern I'm using. I just have to brag a little here. The picture on the front of the pattern is one of my daughters. If you already have this pattern the little girls on the inside cover are two of my granddaughters. What's more another one of my daughters took the photographs. Such talented girls, they must have got it all from .... Well I just won't go into that right now. If anybody is interested in buying a copy of this pattern here is a link.


Here is the finished apron!


Marylois said...

I so want to do this but know I can't take the stress right now. If only it was happening after Girls camp!

All the places you love said...

They are doing the apron swaps all the time. If you sign up they will let you know when the next one is.