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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Magic Tree House Books

Most years I don't have this problem but this year I have three students who are well beyond what the rest of my students academically. Most of the class is just beginning to read this time of year. These three students have found "Magic Tree House" books and are eating them up. I would move them to the next grade except they are right there emotionally, socially, and physically with their classmates. I’ve talked with their parents that it might be best to keep them with their peers and then see how they are doing next year. Sometimes when children are moved ahead too soon they start having emotional issues.

I've been checking the "Magic Tree House" books out of the school's library. But soon the school's collection will all be read. My next option will have to be the public library system. I've been looking on the internet for activities to go with the "Magic Tree House" books. If I were teaching an older group of children I would be able to use whole class activities. As it is I'm afraid I'm going to have to make my own. I don't mind doing that except when am I going to use them again. I did find a book published by Scholastic, "Teaching with Favorite Magic Tree House Books." I may have to wind my way over to the local book store and see if they have a copy I can look at.

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